Terms Dates and Information 

Special Information


If your child is leaving Nursery at the end of the Autumn term notice must be given in writing by Friday 9th June 2023

Summer Term 2023

                 Term Dates                 

         Children start back                Tuesday 18th April  2023
Nursery will be closed as we are a polling station Thursday 4th May 2023
Bank holidays Monday 1st May and Monday 8th May 2023

           Half -Term                      Monday 29th May  to Friday 2nd June 2023

        Summer term ends                                Tuesday 18th July 2023

Autumn Term Starts TBC        


Dates for the Dairy

Monday 17th July 2023 Basil and Crew Farm are visiting

Tuesday 18th July 2023 End of term party and Graduation Day

Arrangements for Drop off and pick up

When we return after Easter, we will continue to take the existing children from the main door and take their temperature and wash their hands. The children are used to this routine now and it is good for their independence skills. The New parents will be allowed in the building at drop off, to settle their child, and hand over to their key worker.

At pick up time the children will be collected via the main doors. Please make sure Parents and carer stand where they can be seen so that we know you are there.


We use a Staff Buddy System for when your child’s keyworker is occasionally unavailable to speak to. In this situation, please speak to their buddy or to Carol or Nicky who will pass on any messages or information.  These are the keyworkers and their buddies.

Carol – Karen

Nicky - Karen

Zoe – Amanda

Karen – Nicky

Amanda – Zoe


Makaton is a language programme using signs, symbols and speech to help people to communicate. It is designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order. This helps to slow down the pace of talking and provide extra visual clues about the meaning of words.

Today over 100,000 children and adults, use Makaton symbols and signs. Children with language or learning difficulties and children with English as an additional language benefit from using these Signs and Symbols. However, all children will be involved in learning this skill, as it promotes inclusion and supports interaction and friendships between children.

Children will be introduced to the signs and symbols by visual clues and actions, during their Story time. They will be used throughout the session in daily routines, in songs and stories. Please support your child with learning this new skill. A great way to learn new signs is on The CBeebies TV Show “Something Special” with Mr Tumble or on “Singing Hands” Website.

Family Book

Please could you send in photos of family members, friends, and pets that we can keep. This may be just of parents and siblings, but can also include other relatives and friends, who your child is familiar with and who are important to them. Please name them on the back and their relationship to your child. We will use them to make a “family book” that will be used to develop their learning and they can share with us and their friends.

Kinderly and parents as Partners

Kinderly is the platform we use for your child’s learning journey. If you are not already linked up to see your child’s activities online, please ask a member of staff. It contains photos of your child, for you to look at. As part of our Parents as Partners initiative we would ask that all parents contribute to your child’s Learning Journey with photographs and comments. We know lots of great learning and experiences go on at home and we would love to know about them.  We are also here for you if you feel you need to talk to us. We can always make time for you.

Nursery Policies 

It is important that you read and contribute to policies of the setting, these policies are regularly reviewed and a folder containing them all  is available for all parents to read, if you are unsure about anything contained in them, please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Letters and sounds 

Our children move on to a variety of different schools and these schools use different learning schemes to support reading. For this reason, we support learning with a range of these schemes.

From an early age, children benefit from using phonic sounds. It helps to develop their oral motor movement, to support their pronunciation of words. Each week during Story time all children will be introduced to the name of the letters and the ‘phonic’ sounds using the action from the Jolly Phonics scheme. 

Absence from Nursery

If your child is not attending nursery on their set day for whatever reason could you please notify us by 9.30 am so that we can mark the register accordingly. If they contract a certain illnesses, we also have a duty of care to notify other parents. A return has to be made to the local education authority each term indicating the level of absence for each child, and if we are not notified of the reason then this has to be recorded as unauthorised absence; if the level of unauthorised absence is high then this could affect the child’s entitlement to funding. We also care about the children and plan activities for them, so we like to know if they are not attending and that they are all right. If we do not hear from you the key workers will ring you, just like the schools already do. If texting is easier the Nursery mobile number is 07930878133  


Please do not put your child in their ‘best clothes’ to come to nursery as a child gets the most out of their learning experience when they are allowed to get messy. The ideal clothing is tops, trousers / jogging bottoms and closed in footwear that enables them to be able to run, jump etc. please note that as some activities involve the removal of shoes can children please wear socks. We request that children wear shoes with a Velcro fastening.

Also can you please ensure that your child has a coat etc. on their peg – we do go out to play in all weathers. A bag with a spare set of clothes on their peg is also useful in case they get wet through play or have a toileting accident. If your child comes into nursery wearing Wellington boots can they please bring a pair of shoes to change into. Please name your child's possessions so that items do not get lost or sent home with the wrong child.
If your child has pierced ears can you ensure that they only wear small studs to school; there has been evidence lately in other schools where children who wear other kinds of earrings have had accidents to the ear lobe when the earrings have been caught on clothing.


We are pleased to announce you are able to purchase clothing with our logo direct from: https://myclothing.com/rectory-lane-nursery/9887.school, uniform is optional. 

Mobile phones

Please can all parents carers and anyone accompanying parents do not use your mobile phone in the building. Do not enter the building until you have finished and please do not take any calls until you are out of the building.


Please like our Rectory Lane Nursery page on Facebook @rectorylanenursery we will post relevant information and reminders on there.